We’re glad you’re interested! Wood Badge is intended for all leaders in Scouting—Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scout leaders, as well as council and district leaders. Focusing on leadership, the object is to demonstrate the aims and methods of Scouting through the presentation of leadership skills, organizational tools, and a variety of activities … [Read more…]

OMG – The Ticket!

This mysterious ticket is really pretty simple and shouldn’t frighten anyone away from taking Wood Badge.  Wood Badge will introduce you to numerous leadership skills.  Some of them should spark an idea of how you could apply that and other skills to make your Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship or district better in some way.  Your … [Read more…]

4 Seats Left

If you were one of those people holding back to see if we were official – we are.  But you may have waited too long, we are almost at a full course  “Ye of little faith!”  We’ve requested permission to run the course from the BSA.   So we are officially going to happen, we have … [Read more…]

Back to Gilwell, Happy Land…

The Gilwell song is a hallmark of the social side of Wood Badge.  Historically, there are eight Wood Badge patrols.  Although there are also some lost patrol names, such as the Ravens.  Our patrols are Beavers, Bobwhites, Eagles, Foxes, Owls, Bears, Buffalo and Antelopes.  National policy dictates that we always go in patrol order which … [Read more…]

9 Seats Left

If you’re interested in the course this fall, we only have 9 seats open. Best get a move on! Last day for final payment is August 20. If you haven’t finalized your payments, please do ASAP. Time is short and we need to start ordering supplies for the course. We can’t do that until we … [Read more…]

Medical Form

Remember to have a current BSA medical form ready for our course. Sometimes it takes a while to make the doctor’s appointment, so plan ahead. You will need an “A,B,C” BSA medical form signed by a physician (or other permitted signer) in order to attend Wood Badge. The form must be signed and dated any … [Read more…]

Me, a Leader?

“ So how can Wood Badge make ME a leader? At work I consider myself one of the “grunts”.  The people in the office let me know what needs to be done and I make it happen. ” Riddle me this Batman…  Why have you become a Den Leader, Asst. Scoutmaster, committee member?  I think … [Read more…]


Bill Howard is the Quartermaster for our course. Bill has cooked for numerous Order of the Arrow and training events with rave reviews.  Bill has often said you don’t want a skinny cook, and he lives up to that observation – Bill is not a small guy.  You won’t see big plates with tiny portions … [Read more…]


We hate to be spouting rules, but this is getting to be nail biting time for the staff planning the course.  How much food, print materials, course shirt and hat orders, tenting locations, assigning leadership, even details about how many tables in the dining hall are just some of the myriad details that can’t be … [Read more…]

Tempus Fugit

Our course is filling up and we are 60 days out.  Between the 30 registered participants and those in process of registering we have a little more than a dozen seats left.  Past history indicates that the 45 days before the course starts, registration gets very busy.  If you’re interested in being in one of … [Read more…]

A Little Bit of History

Wood Badge began in England when Lord Baden-Powell saw the need to train leaders for the fledgling Scouting movement. The first Wood Badge course, as it would become known, was held in 1919. The leaders completing the training were awarded some wooden beads from BP’s army souvenirs – hence the name Wood BadgeAlthough a course … [Read more…]