OMG – The Ticket!

This mysterious ticket is really pretty simple and shouldn’t frighten anyone away from taking Wood Badge.  Wood Badge will introduce you to numerous leadership skills.  Some of them should spark an idea of how you could apply that and other skills to make your Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship or district better in some way.  Your ticket is simply a set of 5 goals you will set for yourself to bring that idea to life.  Your Troop Guide will be there to help you write your ticket.  When you leave after the second weekend, you will have a ticket bound for completion.

You will have up to eighteen months after the end of the course to complete those goals.  You will have a ticket counselor assigned to you to help guide you to completing your goals.  If you find “speed bumps” along the way, your ticket counselor will be there to help smooth out those bumps.  When you have completed the ticket, your ticket counselor will approve it and help you arrange the ceremony where you will receive your Wood Badge Award.

Your award ceremony will be held where your ticket was focused, often at a unit Court-of-Honor.  Maybe at a Camp-O-Ree or some other district event.  We want to recognize your achievement publicly among your Scouting friends.  At the ceremony you will receive your certificate of completion, taupe neckerchief with it’s patch of McClaren tartan, the leather woggle, and your two wooden beads on a leather thong.  And of course, your new best friends will want to sing “the” song with you!

We still have room for you in this fall’s course.  Here is a link to registration.