Orientation Meeting

What a great time at the pre-course orientation session last night.  There is a wonderful range of Scouters taking the course.  A range of ages, Scouting programs, Scouting positions and experience.  This is going to be an excellent course going by who we saw last night.  If you want to be part of this dynamic group, sign up!  We have a few seats left, one is there for you.

If you weren’t there last night, please make sure you submit two of the forms we need from you.  All pre-course information can be found at: https://ptacwoodbadge.org/resources/pre-course-resources/ 

We need you to send the Personal Resource Questionnaire to Paul Kurtzner ASAP.  He needs this information to assign people to their groups amongst other things.

If you have any “special needs” we need you to send the Special Needs Form to Kris Humphrey our medical officer ASAP.  Depending upon your need, several people on staff may need to know how to help you.  Our Quartermaster especially needs to know about food allergies, etc., so he can finalize his menu and begin shopping.

And speaking of Kris, you need to get your Parts A, B & C BSA Health Form to her before or at the course.  This includes a copy of both side of your insurance cards.  The form must be signed and dated after October 2018 to be valid.  You cannot attend Wood Badge without this form including a copy of your insurance card.