I am very excited for the opportunity to serve as Course Director/Scoutmaster for this year’s offering of Wood Badge for the Pathway to Adventure Council. Those who have taken Wood Badge generally view it as an incredible experience that provides them with skills that are used in Scouting and other aspects of daily life – both at home and on the job, as well as in other volunteer and hobby endeavors.

Those of us who have been lucky enough to serve as staff on a course have had the chance to see the difference that the Wood Badge experience has on the participants. I have been told numerous times by Scouters around the Council, that they could actually see the impact that the course has had on their units.

The lessons of Wood Badge alone are not enough to effect change and performance in a unit of course. It takes a desire to deliver the promise of Scouting, the drive to help youth grow and succeed, and the commitment to self-improvement to make all of this happen. If this describes you, please consider joining us this fall.

Over the next several months, as the course approaches, I will be adding to this blog. Check back to watch the progress as the staff prepares for the course. Send in your questions or concerns.

The staff of a Wood Badge course is made up of experienced Scouters, all of whom have taken Wood Badge and earned their beads. They are an amazing group of people. In the very near future I will be introducing this year’s staff. In the meantime, thanks for checking in and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Bob Solorio,
Course Director/Scoutmaster
Wood Badge Course C7-456-18

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