Why Wood Badge

Why Attend Wood Badge?

“I took WB in order to become a better leader to the youth, to help me to live up to the promise that we make as Scout Leaders  to deliver the best program to the youth.

What did I learn? I learned that I know a lot less than I thought I did. I know how to start fires and put up tents, but it’s the “other stuff” that is what I got from WB. I also learned to always look for learning opportunities. If you aren’t finding them, then look harder. Never stop learning.”

Jim S.

“Having been either a Cubmaster or Scoutmaster for over 20 years, following a lifetime in Scouting, I finally heeded the urges of my fellow Scouters and took the course in 2011 at Camp Betz.  Not surprising, I learned new techniques, and reinforced some old ones, that have been of great use to me within my Troop and in other Scouting activities.

Although we are required to maintain current training in our professional lives, many feel that they do not need training to do their Scouting job.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The fundamental and advanced skills learned through Wood Badge are readily transferred to your unit or into your professional life.  Recently, I used some of team-building and goal-setting skills from Wood Badge to organize a new group within the Fortune 500 company for which I work.  The group was looking for leadership and direction, and my Scouting and Wood Badge experience answered the call.”

Todd D.

“When I first decided to attend Wood Badge it was two fold. One was to advance my training in scouting and the second (a somewhat selfish reason) was to challenge myself to complete my ideas I had for my ticket.  I think what I got out of Wood Badge most was developing a better way of dealing with people on many levels, from team leader to being a subordinate.  I’ve been able to explain these methods to Scouts numerous times.  Both to overcome individual obstacles and for them to become better leaders.

To my surprise, I’ve been able (although sometimes unaware) to use it in my duties as a firefighter.  It has been valuable in communicating with the public, organizing others (esp. as Honor Guard Commander) and being able to maintain a level of confidence even when dealing with superiors.”

Brian O.

“I took Wood Badge because I felt that my unit needed a solidly trained leader who could help other scouters in the unit. I think that, from a Cub Scout perspective, Scouting can be difficult. We come in, and, unless we have a background in scouting, a lot of it is incredibly confusing. Shoot, when we were working on the Bobcat rank for my oldest, my wife kept asking me, “Who is this Akela?” “Is this some kind of cult?”

What I received out of Wood Badge was a different outlook on leadership. I tried to bring this servant leadership to my unit, as well as to my work. As a teacher, I have used some of the techniques in team building we worked on in the course with my students as well as with different groups of teachers when we work on curriculum, school safety, and other aspects of the school environment.”

Michael G.

“My scouting adventure began in 2010 when my son crossed over.  Prior to this, my family did not camp,  but I had the desire to be there to share in his experiences.  I signed up to learn more about camping. 

To my surprise, in two weekends, the staff led us through the entire scouting program from Tiger to Eagle.

We were also exposed to the inter-workings of the patrol method, why and how it really works, how to manage people and their expectations, and how a little patience goes a long way, because there is always more than one method to get to the end result.  We learned what to expect, how to guide, coach and motivate youth and adults through their scouting journey – all while having the most fun possible and meeting new life long friends.   

I do use many of the problem solving and training techniques learned in Wood Badge in my day job as I train and assist in goal setting with my coworkers.  This stuff really works!”

Chuck H.

“I attended Wood Badge because I was transitioning from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and wanted to know what to expect as a Boy Scout leader. Cub scouts is very different than Boy Scouts and it can be intimidating to parents. I wanted to know how to react and interact with parents at this level. I liked the communication section of the course. so often we do not understand all the ways to communicate and how to resolve conflict within the troop and pack, and having sections in the course based on these two items was great.”

Kandy K.

“I think the greatest thing I learned from Wood Badge is just how challenging it is for our kids when we throw them into a true boy led program.  We as adults had to figure out how to work together, do multiple things at the same time, and make trade offs.  It was hard enough at age 33, but it made me think a lot about how do I as a leader give our kids the tools that they need to succeed in the same environment.”

Greg T.